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Books to Help You and Your Family Live with Food Allergies
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The Food Allergy Cookbooks
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What’s to Eat? and What Else is to Eat? by Linda Marienhoff Coss provide a huge selection of recipes (over 260 altogether!) that your entire family will enjoy and your guests won’t believe are “allergy-free.” These are dishes that can be enjoyed by everyone, whether they suffer from food allergies or not.

Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and DessertYour family will love this food allergy cookbook
What are you making for dinner tonight? Want to surprise everyone with a fresh-baked treat for dessert? And what can you make for breakfast on your dairy- and egg-free diet? These books have the answers you're looking for, with easy-to-make recipes for everything from soups and salads to main courses, side dishes, breakfast foods and desserts.
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No Time to Fuss? No Problem       
Written by a busy mother who understands that cooking may not be your favorite activity, most of these recipes require a minimal amount of “hands-on” preparation time and are based almost entirely on “normal” ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. Also included are menu suggestions for a wide variety of occasions and preparation and cooking times for each recipe.
Mennett Lee Editors Choice Award

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